Stumped on what to send your little one for lunch? Sometimes it can be a challenge to pack healthy lunches he or she will be excited about. Check out this week of winter-themed lunch box ideas that will not only keep your little one full and energized throughout the day, but also provide a warm winter touch:

Monday: Soup is a great treat for when the weather is chilly. Send a thermos of your child’s favorite soup in his or her lunchbox, and don’t forget the crackers! Our favorites are chicken noodle, vegetable, minestrone, or pumpkin and tomato.

Tuesday: Mini quiches provide a healthy finger food to pack in your little one’s lunch. Get ahead by making them early in the week and sending them along during the week for a tasty snack. We suggest a broccoli and bacon combo, or spinach and mushroom.

Wednesday: Falafels are a healthy snack that are great for lunchboxes. Not only are they made from vegetables, but they are fun and bite-sized! Serve them up with some additional veggies and hummus.

Thursday: Pasta bakes are great for packing in lunches. Pack some in a thermos to keep your little one warm and happy during the cold winter weather. Our favorite is chicken parmesan baked ziti.

Friday: Kids love quesadillas, and parents love when they can sneak some vegetables into their child’s meals. Add in some beans with cheese and a few peppers for a warm meal that will keep your little one toasty and full.

We would love to learn what would be helpful on this page for you.

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