Accredited by the National Urgent Care Center Accreditation  

Every Patient First center is fully accredited by the National Urgent Care Center Accreditation (NUCCA). That means you can be sure you are receiving the best urgent care experience available at Patient First.

NUCAA Accreditation requires providers to meet extremely high levels of service, ethics, organization, center maintenance, and patient care. Patient First has met – and, in many cases, exceeded – the highest criteria set by the NUCCA for accreditation within all of the following categories:

  • Patient care processes - Centers provide the highest level of patient care and safety, including on-site x-ray and laboratory services, saving you time, money, and extra trips.
  • Scope of care - Centers help patients with a wide spectrum of medical needs, so you won’t have to worry about getting the care you need.
  • Quality improvement - Data and patient feedback are regularly incorporated to address areas of improvement, providing you a great patient experience that is constantly improving.
  • Patient privacy, rights, and responsibilities - All HIPAA regulations are followed to ensure patient privacy, which means you can relax knowing your private information is protected.
  • Health records management - Processes meet HIPAA requirements in addition to other protection standards, so you can be assured your records are stored and organized properly.
  • Physical environment - Centers maintain a range of proper safety policies and procedures, giving you a positive experience during your visit.
  • Human resources - Employees uphold organizational standards and meet credentialing requirements, so you can feel comfortable and confident in your interactions with staff members.
  • Governance - The organization upholds ethical business practices, goals, and mission, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on the most important thing: health and recovery for you and your loved ones.

NUCCA Accreditation is an important seal of approval that sets Patient First apart as one of the top urgent care practices in the nation.

As stated right in our name, our mission is to put our patients first by providing convenient, cost-effective medical care. NUCCA Accreditation acknowledgement means that Patient First meets the highest standards identified for urgent care centers and recognizes our goal of putting the patient first.