Employee & Pre-employment Physicals

Whether you need a pre-employment physical for a new hire, or a periodic physical for an on-the-job veteran, Patient First is here to help keep employees safe and healthy in the workplace.  And our electronic results reporting through the Patient First Employer Portal makes it easy to obtain results.
Patient First offers a wide range of employment physicals including:
As part of our physicals program, weight lift assessments, Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET), and more are available depending on specific requirements at select locations. Any necessary employer physical forms and requirements must be submitted for review and are subject to approval.


Related employee testing available during employment physicals or as individual services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Drug tests
  • Alcohol tests
  • Hearing testing, including basic audiometric screening and OSHA-compliant audiometric threshold testing
  • Vision/color vision
  • EKGs
  • X-Rays

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IMPORTANT: Before sending employees to Patient First for employer services, it is important to first establish an Industrial Client (IC) employer account with your local Occupational Health Employers Relations Manager.


*Not all weight lift assessments and other testing is available at all locations. Use of employers’ physicals forms and requirements must be submitted for review and is subject to approval.


Patient First Employment Physical FAQs

1. Does Patient First offer employment physicals?
Yes, Patient First offers employment physicals including pre-employment, DOT (Department of Transportation), return-to-work or fit-for-duty, and periodic or annual physicals.

2. What types of employee testing does Patient First provide?
Employment physicals at Patient First can include a wide range of testing depending on the employer’s needs. These tests include but are not limited to drug and alcohol testing, hearing tests, vision or color-vision tests, EKGs, X-rays, TB tests, vaccines, titers, and heavy metals testing.

3. Which Patient First locations offer employment and DOT physicals?
All 70+ Patient First locations offer employment physicals, but DOT physicals can only be completed when an FMCSA-certified medical examiner is present at a center. Use the links below to find when FMCSA-certified/DOT medical examiners are on duty at Patient First centers near you:

4. Does Patient First offer walk-in employment physicals?
Employees can walk into their Patient First center without an appointment to complete their physical, as determined by their employer. If a DOT physical is needed, please see the above question to learn when this service is available at your Patient First center.

5. How do you access employee physical results from Patient First?
Employers who partner with Patient First for employment physicals will be given access to a secure online employer portal to access the results of employee physicals.

6. How much do employment physicals cost at Patient First?
This can vary depending on each employer’s needs—please contact your local Patient First Occupational Health Employer Relations Manager about the costs for your specific workplace physical program.

7. How do I partner with Patient First for my workplace physical program?
Contact your local Patient First Occupational Health Employer Relations Manager to get started!