Travel Services

Patient First can help you get ready for your travel plans so that you can enjoy your trip knowing you are healthy and well prepared, for both domestic and international travel.

We can help you get informed and protected based on where you are going and what you plan to do, whether you are concerned about motion sickness, malaria, or getting vaccinated for international travel.

When you visit Patient First for travel services, please bring your travel itinerary so we can review and discuss it with you to determine a plan for your health and safety. During your visit we will also assess your medical history, administer any appropriate vaccine(s) as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and prescribe prescription drugs if necessary. We unfortunately cannot offer personal travel recommendations over the telephone, so please walk into a Patient First urgent care center from 8am to 8pm, 365 days a year – no appointment necessary. Read on to learn about conditions can be treated and/or evaluated at all Patient First centers versus only select Patient First centers. 

Travel Concerns Handled at All Centers

Motion sickness

We are able to see patients about motion sickness at any Patient First center. Whether traveling by car, airplane, boat, bus, or train, it is very common for travelers of any age to experience motion sickness. At your Patient First visit, we will discuss and evaluate your symptoms in order to create your personal treatment plan to prevent and prepare for motion sickness.


Any Patient First center can assist travelers concerned with becoming infected with malaria. Usually transmitted via mosquito bites, malaria is a potentially life-threatening disease most often found in those who have recently visited or lived in Africa or South Asia. Patient First can provide prescriptions for antimalarial drugs as well as tips and guidance to reduce your likelihood of getting malaria if you are planning to travel to an area with a high risk of infection. 

Travel Concerns Handled at Select Centers

International travel immunizations

We advise that you get your international travel immunizations at least two weeks prior to your scheduled departure to allow enough time for the vaccine(s) to become effective and, in the unlikely event of an adverse or allergic reaction to the vaccine(s), allow time for further evaluation and treatment.

Several Patient First centers are classified as travel immunization centers, which means they carry and administer immunizations commonly needed for international travel. We do not carry these vaccines at every Patient First center due to their short shelf life, general low demand, and expense. However, you will find there is at least one Patient First travel immunization center in your area. Please consult the following list to find which Patient First centers in your area provide international travel immunizations:

Richmond, Virginia: Parham Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia: Holland Road
Northern Virginia: Alexandria and Chantilly
Maryland: Waldorf, Lutherville, Rockville, and Glen Burnie
Pennsylvania: East Norriton and Bethlehem

Along with other routine immunizations, these centers carry vaccines commonly required for international travel, including:

  • TET/DIP (Tetanus/diphtheria vaccine)
  • TYPHIM VI (Typhoid vaccine)
  • VARIVAX (Varicella vaccine)
  • Shingrix or Zostavax

Unfortunately, due to the current shortage of the yellow fever vaccine, Patient First is currently unable to provide this vaccination. However, if your travels require a yellow fever vaccination, you can visit the CDC website to find nearby locations where it is provided.

For a full list of immunizations offered at Patient First and the centers that carry them, please visit our Immunizations page.