On-Site Services

Since 1981, Patient First has provided urgent and primary health care on a non-appointment basis in convenient locations. Walk in to see a physician and walk out with a whole new view of health care. We can perform lab tests, take x-rays and even provide your prescription drugs on-site.

physician urgent care

Urgent Care

Patient First physicians are available on a walk-in basis from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 365 days a year for prompt medical assistance. You can also click here or call the center to learn when your preferred doctor is available.

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physician family doctor

Primary Care

Patient First provides primary care services for patients without a family doctor, including a full range of on-site services. When specialty care is required, we refer patients to outside physicians in the appropriate specialty. Our primary care services allow patients the convenience and flexibility of seeing their family doctor on a walk-in basis.

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Occupational Health

Patient First has been providing Occupational Health services for employers and employees since 1981. Our physicians and physician assistants are complemented by a fully-trained staff of nurses and technologists. Walk-in convenience, a wide range of on-site services, and close attention to return-to-work policies make Patient First a convenient, cost-effective option for pre-employment and worker's compensation services.

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Patient First offers services for a variety of routine conditions and illnesses. If necessary, lab tests and prescription drugs are available on-site to save time and reduce the need for extra trips. Because no appointment is necessary, patients can come at times that best fit their schedules and when urgent medical attention is needed.

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Patient First is able to evaluate and treat a wide range of routine injuries. Each Patient First center is equipped with an on-site x-ray, which means we can provide digital x-rays of the chest, abdomen, spine, and extremities for our patients - no appointment necessary.

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boy getting flu shot


Many routine immunizations and boosters are available on a walk-in basis at all of our urgent care centers. Immunizations for international travel are also available at select "Travel Centers." 

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xray broken bone


Every Patient First is equipped for routine digital x-rays of the chest, abdomen, spine, skull and extremities. This means if you come in with a fracture, we can confirm the break, put a splint on it, and arrange for you to see a specialist.

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medical lab

Lab Testing

The CLIA-approved labs in every Patient First are equipped to perform most routine lab tests, from blood work to pregnancy tests, on-site during your visit. This timesaving service means that patients can be seen, diagnosed, and treated all in the same visit.

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physician and patient leaving with medicine

Prescription Drugs

There is often no need to stop by a pharmacy on your way home after a visit to Patient First! Many prescription drugs, chiefly those prescribed for urgent care conditions, are available at every Patient First location. Whether you need antibiotics for an infection, or pain relievers for a fracture, you will not have to make a trip to the pharmacy.

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