Drug & Alcohol Testing

Patient First performs drug and alcohol testing using advanced technologies and electronic reporting to ensure employees’ compliance with drug and alcohol standards set by their employers.

Employees can walk in to a Patient First location, with no appointment needed to have drug and/or alcohol tests performed, as determined by their employer. 

Patient First offers the following tests:

  • Pre-employment testing,
  • DOT-regulated testing,
  • For-Cause/Reasonable Suspicion testing,
  • Testing at the employer’s request.
  • 10 panel including marijuana (lab based test)
  • 10 panel excluding marijuana (lab based test)
  • 5 panel instant including marijuana (provides rapid result with 15 minutes)
  • 7 panel hair sample: for pre-employment, random testing and upon request 
    • Drugs tested for are detectable up to 3 months post usage
  • Urine alcohol test
  • Blood alcohol test