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Rod Johnson, M.D.

Garrisonville Full-Time Physicians and Physician Assistants

Patient First Primary and Urgent Care — Garrisonville

Providing physician-directed urgent care to: Garrisonville, Stafford County, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Falmouth, Stafford, Brooke, and Ruby

Visit Tracker

After signing in on the Registration Kiosk at the Center, patients are texted a visit number to use on the Patient First Website to follow where they are in the visit process relative to other patients. For example, if your visit number is 120, the patient currently being registered is 115 and the last person taken to the treatment area was 110, there are 5 patients ahead of you to be registered and 10 patients ahead of you to be taken back to the treatment area.

Patient Currently Being Registered
Latest Patient to Treatment Area

Please make every effort either to be in the waiting room or in your car at the Center when we call you to be registered or call you to be taken to the treatment area.

Because of emergency situations, it may be necessary to take patients out of order. This tracker is intended to provide information about when you will be registered and when you will be placed in a treatment room. Once you are in your treatment room, the tracker no longer applies.