Sports Physicals

It is easy to get a sports physical for your child at Patient First with no appointment.
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Why get a physical?

Most schools and many youth athletic leagues require a pre-participation physical evaluation to ensure that each child is healthy enough to participate safely in his or her chosen sport. In some cases, the physician may recommend against participation in the sport and will counsel the parent and child about other sports the child can safely participate in.

Getting a sports physical can help minimize potential risks of illness or injury and allows medical professionals to monitor for health problems and give age-appropriate advice. If a Patient First physician is your child’s primary care provider (PCP), he or she can complete the child’s preparticipation physical form at his or her annual physical. A sports physical is meant to determine an athlete’s ability to safely engage in vigorous activity; it is not intended as a substitute for a general health maintenance exam.


How much does a physical cost?

Getting a physical for sports is easy and affordable at Patient First. 

Your insurance may cover sports physicals at Patient First. We will gladly file your claim for you. Additionally, if Patient First is your child’s PCP, keep in mind that many insurers will pay for an annual physical performed by a child’s PCP with no patient copay responsibility.  

The self-pay cost for a sports physical is $55.*


How to prepare for a physical

Prior to your child’s sports physical, please fill out the parent’s and student’s sections of the forms for the state in which your child participates or any forms provided by your child's school or specific sports program and bring them with you to the Patient First center. Please check with your child’s school or sports league to ensure that you bring the proper forms during your visit. If your child is getting a sports physical and you are unable to attend the exam, please pay close attention to the Health History Questionnaire as you complete the forms beforehand. Additionally, please bring a list of the prescription drugs your child is currently taking.

Preparing for your child's sports physical before your visit will help us ensure your visit is efficient - so you can get back outdoors.


What to expect during a physical

While some schools and youth programs may require children to undergo more comprehensive physicals for sports, a general guide of what you can expect to happen during your child's sports physical includes the following:

Discussion of Medical History

  • Family history of serious illness
  • Past and present illnesses
  • Allergies
  • Previous surgeries and/or hospitalizations
  • Past injuries
  • Past and present prescription drugs

Physical Exam

  • Measuring height and weight
  • Checking pulse and blood pressure
  • Eye test
  • Evaluating the condition of the heart, lungs, and throat
  • Checking strength and flexibility of the extremities
  • Neurologic exam
  • Additional exam elements determined by the physician


Pennsylvania Only: Click here for information about Peyton’s Law.

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*Price applies to patients age 3 and up presenting for a sports or camp physical. Price includes physical exam, dipstick urinalysis, if required, and completion of form(s). Price does not include: other types of physicals; additional services such as additional labs (including titers), x-rays, medications (including vaccines and immunizations), dispensed prescriptions, supplies, and procedures; and follow-up visits. If additional services are required, additional charges will apply.