Patient First Self-Pay Program

Simplified Pricing for Patients without Insurance

  • Visit charge for routine problem $119
  • Lab, x-ray, and other add-on services discounted and priced separately
  • Visit charge plus add-ons capped at $299 1

Pricing for Patients without Insurance

A) Office Visit Charges
Routine Visit $119
Follow-up Visit $49
Visit for Diabetes, Cholesterol, or Prostate Cancer Screening $49
Visit for DOT Physical (price includes urinalysis) $115
Visit for 10 Panel Drug Screen (with collection) $110
Visit for Drug Screen – collection only 2 $41
Visit for Flu Shot $35
Visit for Pregnancy Testing $49
Visit for Removal of Sutures Placed Elsewhere $49
Visit for TB Risk Assessment $30
Visit for TB Test $49
B) Add-On Services
Lab Test (on-site), each $39
X-ray Exam, each $89
EKG $99
Burn Care (2nd and 3rd degree) $99
Fracture/Dislocation Initial Office Care $99
IV Fluids $99
Nebulizer Treatment $99
Stitches/Laceration Repair $99
Supplies & Durable Medical Equipment (crutches, etc.) Discounted 20%
A) Office Visit Charge
B) Add-On Services
Total Visit Cost (capped at $299)
Charges Not Included in the $299 Cap
Prescriptions Discounted 20%
Vaccines 3 Discounted 20%
Outside Lab 4
Simple $39
Moderate $69
Complex $109
Highly Complex $199

Prescriptions, vaccines, and outside labs not included in cap.

This program is offered only to patients not covered by a government health insurance plan and not covered by any private insurance plan with which we participate. Terms and conditions apply.

'Drug Screen – collection only' services available only to patients who present with a completed Custody and Control Form (CCF).

Flu vaccine is not subject to the additional 20% discount. Flu vaccine is included in the charge for a 'Visit for Flu Shot' as listed above under Office Visit Charges.

Pricing only applies to Virginia centers. Outside of Virginia, outside labs are billed separately by the outside reference lab.

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