Whether you need an annual wellness physical or your child needs a physical to play sports, Patient First urgent care centers provide a variety of physical exam services on a walk-in basis.

Annual Physicals

We recommend having your annual physical performed by your Primary Care Provider (PCP). If you have selected a Patient First physician as your PCP, your routine annual wellness physical may be performed at Patient First. While we are always available for your urgent care needs, we recommend selecting one provider to see about chronic medical needs and perform your annual physical.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover “annual physicals” and Patient First does not perform the “Welcome to Medicare” exams on patients with Medicare as their primary insurance. However, we are happy to see patients using Medicare and will provide full and thorough physical exams while also addressing any medical concerns.

Sports Physicals

You can visit any Patient First center location to complete a sports physical exam, which is often required in order to participate in athletic programs. Please fill out the “patient to complete section” on all necessary forms provided by your school, team, or sports program prior to your visit and bring them with you. If you are unable to attend your child’s sports physical exam, please complete the 'History' section of the form provided by the school beforehand. A sports physical is to determine an athlete’s ability to safely engage in vigorous activity; it is not intended as a substitute for a general health maintenance exam. If Patient First is your primary care physician, the Sports Physical form can be completed based on an annual wellness physical.


School Physicals

Patient First offers convenient, walk-in school physicals. While you are welcome to see any of our providers during your visit, we recommend having your primary provider perform your child’s school physical, whether it is at Patient First or not. Before your visit, please complete the “patient to complete section” on any necessary forms as provided by your state, school, or academic program. Please check with your health insurance provider before your visit to ensure your school physical will be covered.

Camp Physicals

Some camps may require that attendees complete physicals before attending. Camp physicals are available at all Patient First centers. A camp physical is not intended as a substitute for a general health maintenance exam. In some cases the form can be completed based on an annual wellness physical.

Learner’s Permit Physicals (NJ and PA)

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation requires applicants for a learner’s permit to complete a physical exam. Learner’s permit physicals can be completed at Patient First centers located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, however they are not offered at centers in Virginia, Washington D.C., or Maryland.

Employment Certificate Physicals (NJ and PA)

Many states require that a minor under age 18 obtain an employment certificate (or “working papers”) before beginning employment. These certificates often mandate the completion of a physical exam. Currently, Patient First only offers employment certificate physical exams at centers located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; they are not offered at centers located in Virginia, Washington D.C., or Maryland. Before your physical exam, please fully complete the “patient to complete section” on necessary forms associated with your state’s employment certificate and/or provided by your employer, and bring any relevant documentation to your visit.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals

Most professional and/or commercial drivers are required to pass regular DOT physical exams. Patient First offers DOT physicals performed by physicians who are Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certified and trained on DOT policies. Please note, it is important to check your Patient First center’s location page to ensure that a DOT examiner will be available at your time of visit.

Learn More about DOT Physicals


Pre-Employment Physicals and Return-To-Work Physicals

Patient First provides pre-employment physicals and return-to-work physicals as part of its Occupational Health services. If your employer requires a pre-employment physical, please bring the relevant paperwork provided by your employer filled out as completely as possible prior to your visit. Additionally, please bring proper identification, medical history, and lists of current prescriptions and allergies. If your employer will be billed for the physical, they must have a current IC account set up. Please visit the link below to learn more about the Occupational Health services offered at Patient First.

Learn More about occupational health services


Additional Information

To ensure your visit is efficient, please be sure to complete the “patient to complete section” on any necessary forms provided to you by employers, schools, or other programs before your visit. Please note that some pricing and availability for physicals can vary by state.