Halloween is for avoiding ghouls and ghosts—and germs! Before you send your little one out on his or her candy hunt, check out these three germ prevention tips:

  • Sharing is not always caring: While we may teach our children to share with their friends, sharing costume pieces like masks or hats may lead to the spread of head lice, bed bugs, or other unwanted germs. Children should also avoid sharing drinks or candies along the way as this may lead to a cold or the flu.
  • Keep them home: No kid wants to miss out on the fun, however, if your child has been feeling under the weather come Halloween time, he or she may need to skip the haul this year. Keeping children who are sick and may be contagious home can help prevent your child from spreading their germs to their friends and family members.
  • Remember to wash: Ghosts aren’t the only things creeping around in the night. Germs are all over the place, and tiny hands can pick up germs on commonly touched surfaces such as hand rails and doorbells. Before your little ones dig into their loot, remind them to wash their hands!

Follow these easy tips to be sure candy is the only thing your little one picks up this Halloween!

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