The temptations holidays bring don’t have to be a stressor to those living with diabetes. Being mindful of what you put into your body and considering the following tips may help you navigate this sugar-filled time of the year!

Plan Ahead

Before heading out to a holiday party, eat a small snack, then plan what you will eat later. Whether that is a small plate of food, or a holiday cookie for dessert, this will help keep your levels regulated. Check out the menu beforehand if eating at a restaurant, and choose a healthy option. Be cautious of things like dipping sauces, hour d’oeuvres, and appetizers, as these can easily lead you astray.

Don’t Skip Meals

While skipping lunch may seem like the best way to save room for dessert, this can affect your blood sugar levels. Focus on eating a well-balanced diet, especially on days where pie and sweets are on the menu. Skipping a meal may also make you more likely to binge eat, potentially causing a spike in your sugar levels.

Take Smaller Portions

Take smaller servings of everything you really want, eat slowly, and savor each bite. It is not about how much food you eat, it is about how much you enjoy the food. Smaller portions can help lighten up a heavy meal without sacrificing taste or wrecking your diet.

Learn to Say No

While it is polite to indulge in your host’s home cooked meal, you are not obligated to eat until you are miserable. You can politely turn down a second helping of pie, or position yourself far away from the cookie tray. Knowing when to say, “No, thank you, I’m too full,” can help ensure you are not loading up on unhealthy snacks.

Let Yourself Have a Treat

Holiday food may not be the healthiest, but don’t fear treating yourself. While eating the whole plate of cookies will certainly cause a sugar spike, completely denying yourself sweets may lead you to resent the holidays. It is okay to have a little treat here and there, but moderation is the key to keeping yourself on track.

These mindful tips can support sound decision making when faced with overflowing menus and save you some grief this holiday season!