Halloween has been a tradition for thousands of years. While the holiday has become more community-based and family-friendly over time, Halloween safety tips may still be a mystery to you. Take our not-so-scary quiz to test your knowledge about this candy-crazed holiday.


Your little ones are ready for a full night of tricks and treats. What should your prince and princess always remember to carry on Halloween?
  1. A 10-foot long cape.
  2. A flashlight.
  3. Plastic swords.


What part of the evening news is the most important part of Halloween night?
  1. The weather forecast.
  2. The traffic report.
  3. Scores for the big game.


Little Johnny wants to hit the streets alone this year. Should he?
  1. Sure! He’s mature for his age.
  2. As long as he’s with some fellow 5th graders, he’ll be fine.
  3. No. The tricks and treats aren’t complete without an adult in the group.


Uh-oh. It looks like Cinderella is coming down with a cold or something worse! Should she still be part of the festivities?
  1. Yes! This night only comes once a year.
  2. Send her, but keep her home from school tomorrow.
  3. Cinderella needs to become Sleeping Beauty and sit the night out to rest.


The night is done and the bounty is large. What next?
  1. Wash up and pick a few favorite bites of candy.
  2. Dive in and see how much candy you can eat in one night!
  3. Divide and conquer. Eat one piece of every type of candy in the bag!


Patient First offers free x-rays of Halloween candy at all centers in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This quick look inside of your sweet treats may help detect some things that don’t belong, like metal and plastic. It’s one more way to help parents monitor their kids’ treats. The free x-rays are offered from 6pm to 9pm on October 31st. Parents should always inspect their children’s candy whether or not x-rays are done, as there can be contaminants that don’t show on x-rays.


Question 1:

2) A flashlight. The sun sets earlier this time of year, so making sure trick-or-treaters can find their way and that others can see them is essential. Carry a flashlight and add reflective tape to costumes to help trick-or-treaters see and be seen as they load up on candy. Keep in mind that plastic swords, crowns, and claws can be more dangerous than you think, so leave the sharp accessories at home. Also, make sure your superhero doesn’t trip over his or her cape by ensuring that costumes and masks fit properly.

Question 2:

1) The weather forecast. Temperatures can drop quickly on a clear autumn evening, so be sure to check the forecast before heading out. That way, you can make sure Anna and Elsa aren’t actually frozen by layering up if necessary!

Question 3:

3) No. The tricks and treats aren’t complete without an adult in the group. Trick-or-treating in groups is fun and the smart thing to do, so find a buddy for your child and encourage them to trick-or-treat together! However, there should always be a responsible adult in the group. Stick to houses you know, and only knock on the door if the porch light is turned on.

Question 4:

3) Cinderella needs to become Sleeping Beauty and sit the night out to rest. Bummer, right? However, it is the smart thing to do. Keeping your child home will help prevent the spread of illness and will get your little princess back on her feet a little faster. Remember, it’s not too early to get the flu. It’s true! The flu starts making its rounds long before the snow falls.

Question 5:

1) Wash up and pick a few favorite bites of candy. All those doorbells and doorknobs are teeming with germs, so wash up before those fingers touch the candy. An adult should also inspect the candy for signs of tampering before the first bite is taken, and it is usually a good idea to discard items that are not wrapped in a sealed package. A bellyache is a bad way to end a fun night so save some of that hard-earned candy for later (hopefully, your little costumed crusader will share the wealth with mom and dad). Also, make sure the kids brush their teeth before heading to bed to keep those pearly whites sparkling and free of cavities.