Valentine’s Day is a day of love and heart-shaped candies, but many Valentine’s Day gifts mean anything but love for your heart! Below are seven healthy gift ideas for your sweetheart:
  1. Seed kits or potted plants: Instead of buying flowers that will die in a few days, invest in flowers that will come back every year! Your loved one will not only enjoy fresh, beautiful flowers longer than the traditional bouquet, they will also get exercise when tending to their gift.
  2. Cooking classes: Cooking classes are a fun way to make a lasting impact on your loved one’s health. Purchase lessons for healthy cuisines such as Indian, Thai, and Vegetarian. If you’re not too afraid of the kitchen, enroll in the class as well for some quality time together.
  3. Massage: Massage therapy is the most common healthy Valentine’s Day gift. But did you know that massages are not only relaxing, they also stimulate circulation through the use of heat and pressure, thus helping rid the body of toxins in a timely fashion? You can purchase a gift certificate to a local masseuse; for a great gift on a budget, purchase some scented candles and body oils and give your sweetie a massage at home.
  4. Fruit bouquet: Many companies are selling this healthy alternative to both candy and traditional flowers, but you can make your own at home too! All you need are some cookie cutters and bamboo kabob sticks. Use firm textured fruits (think apples and pineapples) for shaped flowers. You can also put in whole sections of strawberry, melon, banana, and orange. Once you select the fruits, cut them as desired and gently place them on shish kabob sticks. Arrange in a vase just like flowers and you’re done!
  5. Plan a day trip: February isn’t the opportune time for an outdoor getaway, but with the right clothes you can make it a winter wonderland! Take your special someone to a park, lake, beach, or skating rink for a fun Valentine’s date. Many parks and hiking trails are empty during these cold months, making it the perfect setting for an intimate picnic.
  6. Hobby basket: This idea may be tricky if your significant other does not already enjoy an active hobby. However, if your loved one enjoys a particular sport, a themed gift basket is a great way to give them something they enjoy that also encourages them to be active. If your girlfriend loves jogging, get her some socks, ankle weights, and a pedometer. Pick a color scheme to keep the basket eye pleasing and add some flowers for brownie points.
  7. Kettlebell: Kettlebells may not seem romantic, but they are pretty much a complete gym-in-a-box. There are even full, intense workouts that use kettlebells exclusively. Think your man is too buff to use a ball in his workout? These metal balls with a handle range in size from 5 to over 100 pounds.