Long week at work? Many of us need a break from our daily lives, but don’t have the availability to take time off to vacation or room in the budget. Luckily, we do not always need to travel somewhere to enjoy ourselves and relax. A “staycation” is an opportunity to take that break without having to take a bus, plane, or train! Take an afternoon or two for a staycation and enjoy your city. Check out these 6 things to do on your staycation:

  • Visit local museums- We always want to explore when we are in a new area, but many of us don’t take the time to explore our own towns. Take an afternoon to visit a local museum in your area, you just might learn something new!
  • Go to the pool- You don’t need your toes in the sand to enjoy time in the sun. Most communities or athletic facilities have swimming pools for public use. Just be sure to practice good sun safety and pack a tube of sunscreen!
  • Go hiking or biking- Get outdoors and active by taking a hike up to your favorite look-out spot. Not a hiker? Check out local bike trails in your area. These are both great exercises and the whole family can participate!
  • Go to a show- While most larger cities have well known theatres and shows, your town probably has a local theatre too! Check to see if any traveling shows are coming your way, or head to the local high school’s production of the spring musical.
  • See a ball game- Many cities are home to sports teams, or even local youth sports organizations. Spend an afternoon at the ball park catching some rays and maybe even a fly ball!
  • Pack a picnic- Take some time to appreciate the terrain of your city. Pack a picnic lunch and head to the neighborhood park to spread out your blanket and enjoy the afternoon. Getting outdoors for some fresh air will help you feel refreshed!

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