Teething can be a rough time for not only your little one, but you as well. Teething may cause your tot to become clingy and irritable while their teeth are growing in. While you may do your best to comfort your little one, check out these helpful tips: Typical signs of teething include:
  • Drooling
  • Chewing on objects
  • Irritability or grumpiness
  • Sore or tender gums
  • Low-grade fever
Tips to soothe your little one while teething:
  • Gently rub your little one’s gums with a clean finger. This will relieve a bit of your baby’s discomfort.
  • Give your little one something chilled, like a washcloth, or teething ring, or spoon. Do not give these to your children directly out of the freezer.
  • Give your baby solid foods, like carrots, frozen fruits, or cucumbers to gnaw on. However, be aware of choking hazards when selecting foods.
  • Clean the drool from your baby’s face as this may dry out the baby’s skin and cause further irritation. Consider applying a small amount of lotion to keep your baby’s skin moisturized.
  • If your little one is suffering, try an over the counter remedy such as acetaminophen to ease pain and swelling. There are also oral topical treatments for babies that are teething you can find at any local pharmacy.
Teething is typically dealt with at home, however if your baby begins to run a fever, contact your health care provider.