COVID-19 Virus Testing (Current Infection) for Employers

Return-to-Work or new-hire COVID-19 Virus Testing of Employees is now available at Patient First with the visit charged directly to the Employer’s account. Test results are communicated to the Employee and Employer upon receipt from the lab.

Testing is available by appointment in convenient locations across Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and South Jersey. 


What is the process for being tested?

  1. Important: Employers should first contact their Patient First Occupational Health Sales Manager to add COVID-19 Virus Testing to their Patient First Occupational Health account. If an employer does not currently have an account with Patient First, they can call to set one up.
  2. The Employer or the Employee (the patient) can schedule an appointment by clicking here. (Please use a web browser other than Internet Explorer.) Please be sure to enter the employee's e-mail and telephone number into the online form when scheduling the appointment.
  3. One hour before the appointment, the patient will receive an appointment reminder e-mail. The reminder e-mail will include an "I’m Here" link with instructions to click the link when he or she arrives in the center’s parking lot.
  4. The patient should arrive on time with his or her picture ID on hand. Please do not enter the center’s front entrance. Instead, click the "I’m Here" link found in the appointment reminder email.
    The patient will be taken to a verification page. Confirm that the contact information is correct and click “I’m Here” once again.
    Please note, if unable to access the e-mail and click “I’m Here,” simply call the center upon arrival in the center’s parking lot.
    Furthermore, patients visiting for testing are welcome and encouraged to park in one of the two reserved COVID-19 test patients’ parking spots. The reserved spots are located near the center’s side or back entrance and will be marked by signs and orange cones. Due to testing demand, patients who arrive early will most likely have to wait until their scheduled appointment time to be tested.
  5. We will then call to register the patient over the phone.
  6. Once registered, a staff member will call the patient and direct them to a designated entrance located at the side or back of the center.
  7. The COVID-19 test sample will be collected in a designated testing room and then sent to the lab for testing.
  8. Employers will receive the test result via e-mail.* The patient will receive the test result via a text message or through a phone call from a nurse. The option for how the patient would like to receive the test result will be determined during registration. The result will also be available to the patient on the Patient First Portal.


* Results will be emailed to the employer if the patient agrees to the Release of Information (ROI) Form during the visit.