COVID-19 Active Virus Testing for Employers

Return-to-Work COVID-19 Active Virus Testing of Employees is now available as an Occupational Health service at Patient First. Employees can be tested as required by their Employer including returning to work or beginning employment, with the visit charged directly to the Employer’s account. Test results are communicated to the Employee and Employer* upon receipt from the lab, usually in five to seven days.

Testing is available by appointment at select Designated Testing Centers in convenient locations across Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and South Jersey. Testing is performed 7 days a week.


How to Get Started

  1. Employers should contact their Patient First Occupational Health Sales Manager, or if not known, Patient First’s Occupational Health Department at (866) 253-9139 to set up COVID-19 Active Virus Testing on a new or established account.
  2. The Employer should download and complete the COVID-19 Registration Form for each Employee to be tested.
  3. The Employer or Employee can call a Designated Testing Center to make an appointment(s) for testing. Please have the completed COVID-19 Registration Form on-hand during the call.
  4. The Employee arrives for the scheduled testing appointment. Bring picture ID to the appointment.
  5. The COVID-19 test sample will be collected by a trained medical professional and sent to the lab for testing.
  6. The result is texted to the employee and emailed to the employer* as soon as it is received from the lab.

To add COVID-19 Active Virus Testing to your Occupational Health Account, or to set up a new account for COVID-19 testing, please call your Occupational Health Sales Manager or the Patient First Occupational Health Department at (866) 253-9139.


Important Forms

COVID-19 Registration Form – To speed up the registration process, please download and complete this form for each employee to be tested prior to calling to schedule appointments. Please have it on-hand during the call.

Release of Information (ROI) Form – This form permits Patient First to share the Employee’s test result with the Employer. For patients tested under an Occupational Health account, this form will be completed on the patient’s behalf, with their consent, by Patient First staff during the testing visit.

*If a Release of Information (ROI) Form is on file. The form will be completed on the patient’s behalf, with their consent, by Patient First staff during the visit.