COVID-19 Virus Testing (Current Infection) for Employers

Return-to-Work or new-hire COVID-19 Virus Testing of Employees is available at Patient First with the visit charged directly to the Employer’s account. Test results are communicated to the Employee and Employer upon receipt from the lab. 

What is the process for being tested?

  1. Important: Employers should first contact their Patient First Occupational Health Sales Manager to add COVID-19 Virus Testing to their Patient First Occupational Health account. If an employer does not currently have an account with Patient First, they can call or email the Sales Manager in their region to set one up.
  2. Once COVID-19 testing has been added to an employer’s account, employees may walk into any Patient First Medical Center without an appointment to be tested.  Click here to find a location near you.
  3. If the employee receives a Rapid Antigen Test (for patients with COVID-19 symptoms, with onset within the last 5 days), the employee will receive the test result during their visit. Test results usually take approximately 20 minutes. The result will also be available to the patient on the  Patient First Portal.
  4. If the employee receives a PCR Molecular Test (for patients without COVID-19 symptoms or with COVID-19 symptoms with onset more than 5 days ago), the sample will be sent to an outside lab for testing. The patient will receive their test result via a text message or through a phone call from the center nurse. The patient's choice for how they would like to receive their test result will be decided during registration.

    The result will also be available to the patient on the  Patient First Portal, and the LabCorp Patient Portal (Virginia and Maryland Centers) or the  Quest Diagnostics Patient Portal (Pennsylvania and New Jersey Centers).
  5. Employers can receive the test result via e-mail or locate results in the employer portal.

Contact your Sales Manager to establish an account