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It was a pageant of patriotism on display in Towson, as a tradition that's played out for over 120 years continued in Tuesday's Towson 4th of July Parade!

Put on every year by the Towson Chamber of Commerce, Patient First has long been a proud sponsor of the event. Last year, we had seven staffers march along the parade route winding through the streets of downtown Towson, past the courthouse and two reviewing stands. This year, that number more than doubled with 15 staffers coming out to celebrate the holiday with us!

Just as it happened last year, before we knew it, we'd marched past the thousands who'd lined the streets of the route, and our smiling and waving amidst the shouts of "We love Patient First," and "Thank you, Patient First," came to an end. Everyone who came out to help represent us said they'd love to come back next year, and many want to bring their kids out to help along with us!

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