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Thursday, February 15th marked our second year demonstrating the crucial importance of proper handwashing techniques at Algonkian Elementary School's Invention Expo and STEAM Fair. Our Patient First nurses kicked off their demonstration by applying a special germ solution to students' hands, which lit up under a black light. After the initial display, students washed their hands as they normally would, and a second pass of the black light revealed lingering germs. Our nurses demonstrated proper handwashing techniques, and the students ran to wash their hands again until no germs remained. The students' excitement was palpable, as they asked insightful questions about germ spread and illnesses. While kids immersed themselves in the project, parents expressed their appreciation for Patient First, with some mentioning visits to the Sterling location. Teachers from various locations, like Gainesville, stopped by our table commending our center. The principal also took a moment to say hello, extending a warm welcome and inviting us to participate in next year's STEAM Fair. We're thrilled with the positive impact of our demonstration, and look forward to returning next year.

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