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There was plenty of Bad Blood between the Bowie Baysox and the Richmond Flying Squirrels Friday night, as the minor league teams engaged in a slugfest as the Baysox hosted Eras Night for the fans.

In keeping with the theme of the night, many of the people who came out to the game arrived decked out in their best Taylor Swift gear, Bejeweled with their friendship bracelets and other fan paraphernalia.

Plenty of people stopped by our table to say Thank You (Aimee was not there), for the services we provide. So many, in fact, that we struggled to keep there from being too much Blank Space on our table, as they snatched up our promotional items, including branded stress ball baseballs. 

The night was quite  the display of offense, with more than 22 runs scored between both teams, resulting in a final score of 17-10, with the Squirrels as the victor. Here's hoping that the next series results in some Karma for the Sox, and that the next time the two teams square off, there's something Better Than Revenge for the Bowie faithful. It's been a bit of a Cruel Summer for the club, and they could use a winning streak of  a Fortnight or two.

Following the game, Taylor fans were ready to Shake It Off and take in a live concert with a Taylor Swift cover and, and they were certainly Ready For It. Before fans could say Is It Over Now, the night came to a close and everyone went home floating on a Lavender Haze of great memories.

Don't Blame Me for the number of TS titles in this summary. Look What You Made Me Do!

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