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If you grew up liking police and emergency rescue shows like Adam-12, Emergency! SWAT, Chicago Fire, or 911, then the parking lot adjacent to Martin State Airport in the Perry Hall area was the place to be for this year's Baltimore County Public Safety Day. Police, fire, EMS and other public safety agencies trotted out their latest equipment for display, as well as providing an opportunity to meet the men and women who protect and serve our community, under less dire circumstances.

This was Patient First's first year participating in this event, which was located just eight miles from our Perry Hall center. Our tent and table were dead center in the in the heart of the crowds. While there were a few folk who had not visited our centers, most of those who came by knew exactly who we were, and had wonderful stories to share about the service and care we had provided them.

In addition to the presence of a hook and ladder truck that rose up 80 feet into the air, there was also a rescue boat, an ambulance, a police armored vehicle, and a police helicopter that landed on-site. Kids could later have their picture taken in the cockpit! Police also put on a K-9 demonstration, showing off the four-legged police officer's ability to sniff out contraband and subdue suspects. All that, couple with food trucks and an appearance by the BCPD color guard made for a fun afternoon for all ages. 

Fortunately the grey skies held the rain at bay, allowing everyone who came to have a great time. We look forward to participating next year!

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