Why Patient First?

Excellent Benefits
We offer health benefits, 401(k) plans with Patient First matching contribution, short-term and long-term disability, and malpractice coverage.

Flexible Schedules
We recognize the importance and value of your time. We offer different employment statuses to accommodate a variety of lifestyles.

Credentialing & Training
At Patient First, we submit applications on your behalf for credentialing with insurance carriers. We also provide training to maximize your expertise and to ensure an easy transition into the organization.

Top-Notch Setting
Not only do our providers receive an impressive level of technical support from our ancillaries, we offer a robust EMR system and top-level equipment, such as digital x-rays, EKGs, and more!

What Physicians Say About Working at Patient First

“I had an opportunity to join Patient First during my final year of residency. Being able to work as a resident enhanced my knowledge and procedural skills, which augmented the completion of my residency training. Once my residency was completed, I was able to transition seamlessly to a full-time attending with Patient First. During this time, not only was I a new graduate and a new physician at Patient First, but I was also a new mother, and the flexible schedule at Patient first really helped me. Within my first year of working full-time, I got involved with provider training, including classroom and on-the-job training. Additionally, I have since advanced within the organization and am excited to have been appointed Medical Director at one of our medical centers.” – Heather Osher, DO.

“I joined Patient First after several years in private family practice. I really enjoyed traditional primary care, but Patient First provided the opportunity to continue primary care in a setting that also offered more acute problems and the ability to take care of individuals in a more emergent setting. Now that I’m here, I have a hard time imagining practicing in any other environment. I started as a staff physician and advanced relatively quickly to my current position of Medical Director. I am continually impressed by how well Patient First is run and with how much attention is given to even the smallest of details. It truly has the feel of a small private office, with all of the benefits of being part of a larger organization. The setting allows my colleagues and me to do what we do best – spend time with patients and give them the absolute best care that we know how.” – Mark A. Paster, MD

“I moonlighted at Patient First during my third year of residency, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The professionalism of this organization, from the Physician Relations department to Facilities Management, is unmatched. I have been a full-time physician at Patient First since 2008. With the access and services Patient First provides, I can see my primary care patients regularly and still have plenty of urgent care and procedures mixed in. The variability in the types of visits helps keep your skills sharp and allows you to provide comprehensive care for your patients. In addition, the options for advancement and growth at Patient First are unlimited. I started as a part-time moonlighting physician and now I am a Medical Director. Even with the increased responsibilities, I still have the flexibility and time to spend with my wife and two sons." – Andrew Kolb, DO

“Working at Patient First has allowed me to grow as both a primary care physician and an urgent care physician. Each day is different, and each patient is different. The Primary care allows me to keep up with primary care guidelines and follow my patients along their health journey, while the urgent care gives me the satisfaction of performing quick procedures that produce immediate, gratifying results. Joining Patient First in 2016 right after residency served as an excellent continuation of my medical education, and it has given me the skills and confidence to practice autonomously. The flexible schedule is also very convenient, especially because I enjoy traveling!” – Jean Masoso, MD