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Occupational Health

At Patient First, our mission for Occupational Health is to provide employees efficient, careful attention as well as a safe return to work following an on-the-job injury.
Employees can visit any Patient First medical center, open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., every day of the year, and receive prompt medical care without an appointment.
With our proprietary software, all medical and administrative components are efficiently integrated to meet the patients’ and employers’ needs.
Patient First is a low-cost alternative to hospital emergency rooms. Direct medical costs are reduced by as much as two-thirds for the employer and the insurer. Our one-stop service approach also helps employers stay productive by returning injured employees to work as soon as possible, further reducing insurance costs.
Today more than 4,800 employers use Patient First for Occupational Health, including Workers' Compensation. And the number keeps growing. For more information on how we can provide Occupational Health and Workers Compensation benefits to employers and their employees, please call us toll free at (866) 253-9139.
An Integrated System To Serve Your Needs    When an employer contacts Patient First, we create an online Employer Information File (EIF), to which all of our medical centers have access. The EIF is displayed on terminals in the exam room at each center during the patient's visit so that Patient First staff members can have ready access to the employer's instructions. These instructions include the company's Return-to-Work policies, Light Duty programs, Physical Examination requirements, Drug Testing protocols, and Specialist Physician Networks.
The injured employee is then provided instructions regarding Return-to-Work/Light Duty status and treatment. After the visit, a nurse contacts the employer's representative with immediate feedback to help the employer determine appropriate case management and to discuss Light Duty and Return-to-Work options.
In addition, Patient First provides the employer with the complete documentation required for the First Report of Accident.