Maryland’s Immunization Information System – ImmuNet

If you or your child received a vaccination/immunization at any Patient First center located in Maryland, your immunization information will be recorded and stored by the Maryland Department of Health in an immunization database called ImmuNet (also referred to as the Maryland Immunization Information System).

Maryland law requires that all health care providers, including Patient First, report data about each vaccine administered to Maryland patients to ImmuNet. ImmuNet is a confidential database that stores immunization records and makes them available to health care providers, schools, and to the individuals who have received immunizations in Maryland and wish to access their data.

While Maryland law requires Patient First to share Maryland patients’ immunization data with ImmuNet, you can block ImmuNet from releasing your or your child’s information to third parties, including any other healthcare provider. If you wish to do so, fill out and submit an opt-out request to the Maryland Department of Health.

For your convenience, the opt-out request form as well as a brochure with more information on ImmuNet can be found on our website at the links below:

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