School sports are a fun way for your child to stay in shape, and participating on a school sports team teaches your child useful skills that will help them later in life. Below are five reasons to encourage your child to try out for the team!

In the Classroom

  • Pass More Than a Ball: Many school districts require student athletes to maintain a certain GPA to earn, and keep, a spot on the team. Team coaches will not only motivate players on the field, but will also do so in the classroom, as most coaches are also teachers. Whether your child is in their coach’s class or just passes them in the hall, your child may focus extra attention on their class work to avoid an extra lap at practice!

  • Off-Court Skills: Sports offer your child the opportunity to work closely with their peers while sharpening their ability to take charge of tasks and complete them. Because of this, student athletes may develop strong leadership skills. Student athletes are also better trained to take direction, as well as criticism, and learn how to apply both.

  • Juggling Sports and School: Involving your child in sports at a young age will also help develop time management skills. Your child will become accustomed to balancing games, practice, tests, and homework — a skill that will be useful in college and when they enter the workforce.

Outside the Classroom

  • Get Social: Involving your child in school sports allows them to interact with their peers in a positive environment, often resulting in close bonds with their teammates. Sports teams also offer an opportunity for your child to expand their friend group outside of their grade or classmates. While teammates may have different interests outside of sports, your child will always have a full team of support on and off the field.
  • Healthy Living: And, of course: the health benefits. Sports are a fun and great way to develop useful skills, but it is also one of the easiest ways to make sure your child is getting enough exercise. Active children have a greatly lowered chance of childhood obesity and are more likely to eat healthier knowing they will need the energy later. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle now will instill healthy habits for the rest of your child’s life!