Occupational Health

Information About Department of Transportation Physicals

Patient First has been providing DOT (Department of Transportation) physical examinations for our clients for many years. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, we have designated specific full-time physicians at each center to perform these DOT physical exams. These designated physicians have received extra training on DOT policies and procedures and are exceptionally well qualified to ensure that the client’s employees meet the requirements of the Federal DOT regulations.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will soon require that all medical examiners complete training and be certified as DOT examiners so that there will be better uniformity in applying standards and to improve safety and reduce fatalities on our nation’s highways.  Patient First is being proactive in selecting its best qualified providers to perform these examinations.
To avoid inconveniencing your employee, please click on the link below to get the physician schedule for the center that you will be sending your employee to. If you send the employee to a center at a time when the designated DOT physician is not on duty, the employee will be given the physician three-day schedule and asked to return when the DOT physician is on duty or will be directed to another center where a qualified DOT provider is available.